Adorn your life with orginal artwork
Adorn your life with orginal artwork
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La Main d'Or - Genesis Edition

PennyOaksArtistry's Genesis NFT and collectible NFT series!!!

Now available on OpeanSea!


La Main d'Or is a meditation on reaching out into the unknown. Exploring opportunities and costs. Reaching for the future.

This is #1 of 5 limited copies of La Main d'Or! Original and one of a kind artwork by PennyOaksArtistry. The dimensions are 2732 × 2048 pixels with a 300 DPI resolution.

First of the three part "La Main" series:

  1. La Main d'Or
  2. La Main Fleurs Bleues
  3. La Main Glitch

Collect them all! Thank you for supporting my art and creativity!